Lara Tomov covers a variety of topics, but focuses on working with clients to promote the following themes.

Regenerative Land Use

Conserving nature and habitat is essential for a thriving planet that supports all life. When a healthier relationship between the human and natural world exists, we help to regenerate the natural elements, rather than depend on them only for extraction. This work includes promoting environmental conservation, regenerative agriculture practices, and natural infrastructure.

Indigenous Culture and Lands

As the original stewards of much of the planet, Indigenous cultures deserve the respect and rights protections they have been deprived of. 85% of the world's biodiversity is on land stewarded by Native tribes. It is critical for Indigenous peoples to tell their stories, from their perspective. Tomov seeks to partner with Indigenous storytellers, rather than tell the story from her perspective.

Ecological Economies

The power that each person has with their purchasing dollar is immense. Businesses are learning that they must adopt regenerative practices if they want to succeed. Consumers are discovering the impact of their purchase choices. A global paradigm shift is greatly needed. Tomov is happy to promote the businesses taking a positive lead and to educate consumers on how to adopt positive habits. This work includes focuses on food systems, carbon footprints, circular economies, and product life cycles.