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Lara (Weatherly) Tomov


My role is to observe in order to share experience, educate, and communicate the stories that advance a positive world. With a focus on the environment, human impact, and social action, I am happy to put myself into one's footprints or paw-prints in order to truthfully convey a story to create change.

From growing up in the mountains of Montana, to living in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, to experiencing cultures and terrains around the world, I have always been hungry to put myself into new situations with my camera; whether it is rappelling down a cliff, diving with sharks, or maneuvering through a crowded spice market.

I am happy to help capture your story; from commercial shoots to documentary. I have a deep interest and love for conveying stories around the topics of environmental and social justice, food systems, the land and waters, community-led actions, Indigenous advocacy and empowerment, and regenerative systems.

Tomov has worked for organizations such as The Nature Conservancy and Environment America, and various networks including Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel. She has worked around the world on a variety of independent documentaries.

In 2020, Tomov founded the media hub, Stories for Action, which uses the power of storytelling to advance a thriving planet for all. Find a story to inspire you, share your story to inspire others, or allow SFA to help you share your story. For media creators, you can join the Storyteller's Action Network.

Tomov holds a BA in Film from Emerson College and a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability from UCLA. She is a licensed drone pilot and certified PADI Rescue SCUBA Diver and underwater camera operator.

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